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The trim and stabilization system in a kit. Fully electric, fin and stabilizer integration and also ultra-compact.

Camber Marine is Humphree’s official authorized distributor nationwide. For the past 15 years, Humphree’s marine engineers have developed superior quality products that make a difference at sea. The difference between pleasure and seasickness, between high and low consumption, between good or bad visibility from the helm, in short, between a fantastic sailing experience and a mediocre one.

For semi-planing and planing boats, our interceptor stabilization systems reduce roll and pitch movements, optimize performance, reduce fuel consumption and produce more comfortable turns.



The X-series interceptors are suitable for boats from 8 to 18 meters. Available in five standard sizes: 300 – 900 mm. All with a 50mm travel.

The X series achieves the same result as any other series of interceptors but is only found in four sizes, 300, 450, 600 and 750 mm. There are two types of shafts depending on the thickness of the transom.

If your boat complies with these measurements, this is the interceptor system that best suits you.

Series H and HA

When more lifting force is needed, the HE and HAE series with 75mm travel are suitable. Sizes vary between 400 and 1,500mm and units can also be custom produced if the hull type requires it.

Series HE and HAE

When more lifting force is needed, the HE and HAE series with 75mm travel are suitable. Sizes vary between 400 and 1,500mm and units can also be custom produced if the hull type requires it.


The HLS series is used for yachts over 50 meters. Folds out for up to 110mm travel. This series can also be produced adaptively.


Electric fin stabilizers, 24 VDC

The NEW state-of-the-art 24 VDC fin stabilizers are a game changer and offer several advantages over what was on the market before. With 24 VDC, the system can be operated without running a generator set. The main engine alternators charge the batteries that power the system during the voyage and with the boat at anchor the system can operate for a long time on battery power only, using our energy regeneration technology. Less noise, less fuel and less wear.

The system provides full stabilization from zero speed to full speed. The robust servo actuators are also extremely compact. And with the 24V supply, there is no need for hydraulic pumps or space-taking AC power modules. This also means easier installation for both upgrades and new construction.

And best of all, the system can be fully integrated with our interceptors, so that roll, pitch and yaw movements are controlled by a single system. The coordinated turn function increases comfort during turns by coordinating the movement of the fin and rudder.

For large yachts, our quad feature makes it easy to install four fin stabilizers on a yacht.

  • Full stabilization from zero to maximum speed.
  • Suitable for yacht sizes from 15 m to 50 m
  • Fins available in four sizes: 0.45 m2, 0.6 m2, 0.8 m2 and 1.0 m2
  • Robust and compact design.

A new, unique and innovative customizable fin design

Depending on the design of the hull, a rotating fin could interfere with some part of the hull, such as the bilge or a rail. That is why the adaptable fin was born. The upper part of the fin is solid, so it would be enough to cut it to the desired shape to avoid fiber work that requires time and money.

Eliminate the displacement of the anchor

The exceptional 360º turning ability of the fins allows them to move away from the finish or anchor mooring. Provides more anchor stability because Humphree fins help anchor. This translates into minimal oscillation, more comfort and more safety.

Electric Rudders For WaterJet Systems

Humphree 24V DC electric rudders provide superb heading stability, minimizing yaw. The rudders operate in manual mode and in autopilot mode.

Effective integration with water turbines minimizes traction losses when steering, saving fuel and increasing boat speed. Using electric rudders also reduces wear on water turbine systems.

Heading stabilizing fixed fins

Many boats with water turbines have trouble keeping their course. This is due to the absence of a lateral underwater zone that helps the boat to maintain its course. An added lateral zone is most effective when installed at the aft end of the hull.

With a wing profile fin you get a yaw correcting force with minimal drag. Humphree has developed a series of fixed fins that can be screwed onto the hull.

The bolts have been tested and verified to break and keep the hull intact to limit damage to the boat.

Sistemas de Control

Control systems for all needs

Fine-tune control options provide optimal comfort and performance, whether the captain is a professional or a less experienced operator.

Automatic trim functionality is standard on all of our interceptor systems to ensure the lowest levels of fuel consumption and environmental impact.

Separate functions or full dynamic package

  • Automatic trim control Included
  • Optional automatic tilt control
  • Optional coordinated turn control


Stabilization ACTIVE : Automatic trim, automatic tilt and stabilization

Stabilization ACTIVE + : Automatic trim, automatic tilt, coordinated roll and stabilization

Automatic trim control

When accelerating and operating at different speeds, the boat navigates with various trim angles. In many situations, this translates into poor trim angle, high drag, poor visibility and reduced comfort. Automatic trim control ensures that the boat trims perfectly at all speeds, thus reducing fuel consumption and environmental impact.

The pilot can manually override the automatic functions at any time that seems appropriate.

Automatic list control

Uneven loading, crosswinds, and various other conditions typically cause the boat to tilt. When heading straight, the automatic pitch control levels the keel of the boat. The captain can adjust the target tilt for specific sea conditions.

Fifteen years of continuous improvement have resulted in numerous safety, comfort, performance features; and smart turn control. When turning, the system allows the boat to list naturally and then reactivates when the boat returns to a straight course. Everything is automatic, allowing the captain to focus on navigation.

Coordinated turn control

For most applications the comfort and safety on board can be considerably improved when turning by correcting the keel angle of the boat during the turn. Coordinated turn control monitors rudder position and the interceptor blade coordinates with rudder movement during turns. In addition to the considerable improvement in comfort, the boat will better maintain speed during the turn and the angle of turn can be improved.


In the open sea, ships are constantly exposed to waves that cause rolling and pitching movements that impair comfort on board. With Humphree Active Stabilization and ultra-fast servo motors, the interceptors are instantly activated to counter unwanted movements. ACTIVE stabilization includes an advanced ride control unit (RCU = Ride Control Unit) that uses a digital controller with adaptive control algorithms and an advanced set of sensors with GPS, gyroscope and accelerometers.

The combination of electrically actuated, responsive long-stroke interceptors with a sophisticated control system produces effective stabilization at semi-planing and glide speeds. Simple to operate with the easy-to-use control panel. The use of interceptor compensators for stabilization is extremely effective because there is no added resistance or added weight to consider. This is rare among marine stabilization systems.

The ACTIVE stabilization software also includes the automatic tilt function. This means that trim, tilt and stabilization are all in the package. For the complete package, choose ACTIVE + stabilization that also includes the coordinated turn.